Gain profits with EXANTE and Alexey Kirienko


EXANTE could be a good choice for experienced traders to gain prompt and secure access to over 50 markets and 150,000 instruments from a single multi-currency account and a user friendly proprietary platform. Also they have a very helpful Support team, available 24/7.

The financial instruments they provide are bonds, stocks, ETFs, Currencies, Futures and Options, Metals and more.

How trading began?

EXANTE brokerage continues the tradition started in the 16th century. The modern concept of trading appeared on the London Stock Exchange in the 17th century.

When countries began to reject the gold standard for currencies in the 1970s, floating exchange rates appeared making way to forex trading.

Until the late 80s, independent traders didn’t have access to forex trading, unless they had at least USD 100,000 allocated for trading. This was the minimum trading amount for 1 lot. Then, when central banks recognized forex trading, brokerages started providing access to trading with smaller sums. EXANTE was established by Kirienko in 2011.

How to begin with EXANTE

Trading is a job, not a hobby. Even though it can be one for some, making real money requires a lot of time and effort. Learning basic principles of trading will allow you to make sense of this complex profession. You have to learn money management, fundamental and technical analysis as well as your own and market’s psychology. Not mentioning becoming the master of the platform that you’re planning to use.

Trading can be learned, you don’t need to have superpowers for this

EXANTE brokerage company established by Alexey Kirienko was created for seasoned traders, however it can be used by newbies as well.

EXANTE trading platform

EXANTE created the platform itself. It’s very user friendly and is constantly improved. Modular structure provides an opportunity to adapt the platform for every trader’s needs.

Try the demo account to check it out. It has all of the functions available from the beginning and provides users with EUR 1mil of virtual currency to test strategies and practice for real trading with EXANTE.

How to earn money as a trader in the long term

At some point you will develop a trading strategy which will provide you with a good income. This moment is reached through perseverance and a lot of experience.

One has to learn various methods of market analysis, analyze profitable and failed trades and learn to correct one’s mistakes.

Understanding your own emotions also plays a crucial role in trading. Extreme happiness and excitement can quickly be replaced by fear.Knowing how to control them is an important step in every trader’s education. Irrational emotional decisions are often a path to failure.

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